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  • Αθήνα-Αράχοβα: 170 χλμ.
  • Αράχοβα-ski resorts: 30-35 χλμ
  • Αράχοβα-Δελφοί 8 χλμ
  • Αράχοβα-Γαλαξίδι 40 χλμ

Αξίζει να δείτε

  • Αρχαιολογικός χώρος και μουσείο Δελφών
  • Χωριό Αγόριανη
  • Το Ιερό Σπήλαιο του Κορύκειου Άντρου
  • Μοναστήρι Οσίου Λουκά
  • Μάνα (λουτρά)
  • Σταυρός (Το νότιο σημείο του Παρνασσού)

Χρήσιμα Τηλέφωνα

  • Τοπικό πρόθεμα τηλεφώνων: 22760
  • Αστυνομία (Αράχοβα): 31333
  • Γιατρός: 31300
  • Χιονοδρομικό Κέντρο Κελάρϊα: 22340-22689
  • Χιονοδρομικός σταθμός Φτερόλακα: 22340-22373
  • Χιονοδρομικό κέντρο Φτερόλακα: 22340-22373

Hotels in Arachova

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 Alpen House Arachova  

The hotel Alpen House Arachova is a 4-star hotel and it is conveniently located in the heart of the town just a few minute’s drive from the Delphi and its Archaeological Museum.

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 ARAHOVA INN Arachova  

The hotel Arahova Inn is located on your right just barely enter to the village.The central location helps the hotel guests to enjoy the activities that they are available at both of village Arachova and surrounding areas, including the skiing center of Parnassos and Delphi.

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 Elafivolia Arachova Suites  

The magnificent complex of Elafivolia Arahova Suites is located on the western edge of the cosmopolitan village of Arachova, heading for the archaeological site of the Oracle of Delphi, only a few kilometers away from the ski slopes of Parnassus and the National Park.

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 Hotel Ef Zin Studios & Suites in Arachova  

The hotel Ef Zin Studios & Suites is located on the main street of Arachova, a breath away from the central square of Arachova. Visitors have the opportunity to choose shopping for food and fun in Arachova, without the stress of moving. Ef Zin Studios & Suites location next to the exit of the village towards Delphi and Parnassos Ski Center is an advantage, since it offers tranquility and easy access to the activities that one can choose.

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 Hotel Parnassos Arachova  

Parnassos Hotel Arachova is situated in the town centre. Overlooking Arachova’s Clock Tower, stone-built Hotel Parnassos offers a lobby with fireplace and rooms with plasma TV screens and balcony with views of the valley of Delphi. Arachova centre is only 100 metres away.

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